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Hi, I’m Nicole DeAvilla,


Bestselling Author

Yoga Therapist

Scientific Researcher

Global Health Thought Leader

The Yoga Professional Academy was born out of a desire to help more people, locally and globally, to eradicate unnecessary pain and suffering, and to foster higher consciousness, to help heal our planet and ourselves.


I could never do it alone. I am now taking my 40 years of experience in the field of health, and helping to mentor and teach a new generation of  yoga professionals to lead the way.


YPA is about Helping You Grow Your Business so You Can Help More People.

I stared at the flyer for the yoga teacher training knowing it was my ticket, my ticket out of pain and despondency.

Fast forward through the yoga teacher training program. Not only was I teaching yoga out of my living room the day after I graduated, I had regained my mobility and happy state of mind! I could turn my head without pain moving down my arms. I said good bye to the pain from my back radiating down my legs too.

Back in the mid-1980’s I pioneered opening one of the first mom-and-pop  yoga studios in San Francisco when even there I had to explain what yoga was and how it can help you to live in the present moment, live longer, and live a happier life.

Getting a little help for my back and joint pain, I also began seeing a chiropractic couple. Knowing I was certified from the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training program, and my back ground in applying yoga therapeutically, I was hired to be their assistant and taught posture and therapeutic exercises as well as administering traction and electrical muscle stimulation. I have some fun stories to tell from that experience!

Not long after that I attended a sports medicine clinic at my old school, UCSC where I had graduated with a B.A. degree in Theater Arts with a Dance emphasis. This was one of the few college level dance programs that taught kinesiology (the bio-mechanics and movements of the body), and I learned anatomy and physiology and so much more. Here I met my soon to be mentor Dr. James Garrick, the father of Sports Medicine.

A goal from as long back as I can remember, I wanted to conduct scientific research and publish in medical journals.


Becoming the Research Assistant for the Center of Sports Medicine, founded by Dr. Garrick, fulfilled that dream when I became a co-author of the paper, “Injuries in Adult Recreational Athletes…”[link]  published in the prestigious American Journal of Sports Medicine. I went on to publish several more pub-med level scientific papers [link] even after leaving the clinic and working in the first of it’s kind, Sports Medicine Shop, where I helped fit orthopedic devises, and filled other prescriptions and gave advise on everything from Thera-bands to toe separators.

By then, I was training yoga teachers and soon was teaching advanced therapeutic applications of yoga before the field of Yoga Therapy was even born. Speaking was a part of my dreams from a young age and I found myself with speaking engagements more and more. I was also married and had two children.


The Birth of 2 Minute Yoga.

By now I had written many training manuals for yoga teachers and therapeutic applications of yoga, including one for a Prenatal  Yoga Teacher Training program that I developed. I also had some newspaper and magazine articles published. But I still hadn’t written a book - another life long goal. In 2012, I wrote the bestselling book, The 2 Minute Yoga Solution, FAST and EASY Stress and Back Pain Relief for ANYONE at ANYTIME [link]. Another first as at that time, as no one was offering yoga practices that were less than 30 minutes. I was putting myself out on a limb in the yoga field to claim that you can get results from a short practice.

My book opened lots of doors! I had adventures that I could not have imagined.

I was now asked to be a guest on online radio programs (this was before podcasts) e-magazines, blogs and TV. When Ricki Lake relaunched her popular TV show, I became her online, Health and Wellness contributor and was invited to be in the audience for several special shows. You can read more about my experiences with Rikki Lake and where that led me.

I became an Ambassador for Mindvalley’s new Zenward Yoga program  and my 2 Minute Yoga Challenge was the most popular one by far within the program — because when you use my methods, you can benefit greatly from a short practice. I also became a paid blogger for Mindvalley - almost all of the yoga blogs on their site remain ones that I wrote.

I went on to co-author several other best selling books. As my reputation grew, I was asked to be on the Yoga Alliance Committee to set the standards for Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. As one of the pioneers/front runners/innovators of Yoga Therapy, I was placed on the International Association of Yoga Therapists committee to implement the newly formed educational standards for Yoga Therapist training and the accreditation of Yoga Therapy schools.


During this time I also was delving deeper into discovering my own spiritual path and the challenges and joys that it brings.

I became a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the internationally acclaimed book, Autobiography of a Yogi. I studied at the feet of two of his direct disciples, Swami Kriyananda and Rev. John Laurence. I was initiated into the highest levels of Kriya Yoga.

I realized that I always had a tendency towards anxiety that most would never guess as I am the kind of person who would always plow ahead anyway. Like most people I had emotional triggers that could flare at unexpected times. Yoga, released me from the underlying anxiety and removed or lessened my triggers. You can find some of my published stories of miraculous adventures and blissful joy here.

In this journey I stumbled upon the science of longevity.

Now that I have overcome so many hurdles, I am not stopping. I am working on aging backwards, so I can live the most vibrant, adventuresome, fun, mentally stimulating and emotionally satisfying life I can live.

I am living the good life. I am married to a wonderful man, surpassing three decades and counting. I have two marvelous young adult children. We can live a life that most people only dream of if neither of us worked another day in our lives.

Yet, I am here. I am working. I am working for you, because I believe in you.

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