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Vultures, Condors and Aging Backwards

Nov 11, 2022

Were the vultures circling us or just flying by – again?

Exposed to the sun on the driest portion of Pinnacle Peaks, on the upper side of Condor Gulch, we were dehydrated, feeling listless and thinking we should have known better.

I stepped to the side of the trail and what water was left in my system (or so it felt) all came heaving-up and out. The nausea I had been feeling for several hours was partially relieved.

My daughter who was closest to me, was reapplying sunscreen in the only shade to be found behind a small boulder. She asked if I was ok. I waved to her and then kept hiking down hill, with a bit of a bounce in my step not present moments earlier.

She and my husband found my pace particularly notable because until recently, I was always the last one hobbling along the trails dealing with achilles heel and knee injuries.

My daughter was faring well enough to run ahead the last half mile to bring water to us. I refused the water too afraid that it would stimulate another heaving stop. My husband happily replenished with the water she brought.

I still managed to find enough water in my system for one last heave in the parking lot before rehydrating and resting in the cool air conditioned car.


So what went wrong and what went right during this hike?

As you can see from the photos and the 2 Minute Yoga video below, I started out feeling great! The man-made reservoir seemed to pop up out of nowhere as we ascended a steep rocky stairway out of the caves.

I was able to enjoy an unexpected sweeping view of the hills and valleys for miles when we rounded a rocky corner, the intricate shape of the rocks formed first from volcanic activity and then further shaped by earthquakes and the perseverance of plants that managed to live in this severe landscape.

We were only about a quarter of the way on the loop trail when my troubles began. The trouble was not with my joints. Instead, around the time the picture of me in the tree pose in the arched rock was taken, my stomach felt nauseous!

What Went Wrong

You hear me talk about the importance of routines - even though they don’t come easily to me. That was my first mistake. I did not follow my usual morning routine.

In retrospect, that meant that I was starting the hike less hydrated than I am every other day.

Secondly I further diverged and had a latte on an otherwise empty stomach, creating a more acidic environment in my belly - thus the nausea I felt for 3/4 of the hike.

I hope never again to feel the double whammy of nausea and dehydration! As my guru Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Routinize your life.” I guess I have to learn the hard way!

What Went Right

We began the hike crawling around in the caves, doing deep knee bends where the ceiling was low, and scrambling a bit on the rocks and loose dirt in places. I was very happy that my knees and heels were not complaining!

Normally I would have been feeling pain and experiencing movement limitations. Not that day!

So why were my joints feeling like I was 10 years younger?

About a month ago I added a new simple routine. I began using the MetaPWR System.

There are three parts to it; Metabolic Essential Oil Blend, which resets your metabolism; MetaPWR Assist, which smooths out glucose spikes; MetaPWR Advantage, a quality, bioavailable collagen product that helps you look better and feel better.

This innovative system has helped my body to decrease the puffiness in my skin and joints and bolster my muscles, joints and ligaments so that they can heal. It has also given me sounder sleep and more energy.

I really can’t imagine how I would have fared on this awe inspiring yet strenuous hike without MetaPWR. As it was, I did have visions of the enormous condors and the vultures finding me by the side of the trail having a stare down!

Instead, the grueling, nearly 7 mile hike with caves and steep ups and downs, left me invigorated — that is several hours later, once I was hydrated with water and electrolytes, and my stomach normalized, I felt great!

Note to self: Keep your routines! And for sure hold on to this new one, that is giving me a whole new body reset!

Will we ever do this hike again?

If you had asked me when I was feeling listless, the vultures were overhead and the sun beat down upon us and the path below us was radiating heat upward at us, I might have said, no.

Thanks to my quick recovery and learning that the best time to go is in the springtime when it is cooler and when wildflowers are plentiful, I would like to go again. And of course, I will bring more water on the trail with me!

PLUS I really do want to see a condor up close! We are pretty sure we saw some in the distance. I look forward to checking them out nearby in the sky above me and not having them check me out on the scorching hot ground!

In case you want to learn more about MetaPWR, which I feel has truly helped me to start aging backwards, I have included the basic info below.

Happy trails and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

The MetaPWR System is Simple and Powerful

MetaPWR Metabolic Blend


Available as an essential oil blend, beadlet, gum and softgel.

  • May inhibit adipose fat cell maturation.

  • Helps curb cravings.

  • May support metabolic health.

  • Supports lifestyle changes that help manage weight.

MetaPWR Assist

  • Decreases post meal glucose spikes.

  • Supports healthy blood sugar responses already in normal range.

  • Stabilizes energy levels throughout the day.



MetaPWR Advantage with Collagen+NMN

  • Promotes healthy biological aging.

  • Improves cognitive function.

  • Supports lean muscle and connective tissues.

  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness.

  • No GMO, dairy, soy, gluten, preservatives or artificial sweeteners

Are your ready to up level your health and vitality?

Is it a quick fix? No.

Is it something that you can easily add into your lifestyle and stick with for your long term health, wellness and vitality, so you feel younger, look younger and live a longer healthy life? Yes.

Am I here to help you as little or as much as you want with my assistance? Yes.


It simply works. I am in this for the long game. How about you?


Say YES, by clicking on one or more of the following:

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Whether you take, one two or three actions above, know that I am with you all along the way!

Try one of these or try them all!

4 Steps to Feeling Empowered and Peaceful  

  1. Deep belly breathing.
  2. Rose Essential Oil on my heart chakra - chest area.
  3. Prayer.
  4. Grounding meditation.
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