Mentoring and Marketing for Yoga Therapists

Live the yoga life you love - helping others heal and feeling abundant and aligned with your values. 

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All The Support You Need To Build A Thriving Yoga Therapy Practice

You love helping people feel better, more confident, more energy and more hopeful. That smile on your clients face, that new milestone melts your heart and makes all of your training worthwhile.  

Do you dream of

  • Working in a clinical setting?
  • Offering healing workshops in beautiful places?
  • Having a full or perhaps a part-time practice that supports you?

Maybe you have all that you want in your practice. Yet something is missing... community and connection with your colleagues, mentoring, an easy way to keep up with best practices, exciting case studies to learn from?   



Amala (Cathleen Elliott)

Nicole's Mentoring and Marketing is a game changer! Having access to Nicole, her years of wisdom and the wisdom of her professional community is critical as I grow my business.

I seek to provide my clients with the very best care, interventions and therapies in the industry. How better to accomplish that, than to stay abreast of all the emerging new information as well as pull from a deep well of experience.

Thank you Nicole, for helping me serve better and better.

The best learning is with your peers: Community Counts

Sure we can do a lot of learning on our own. Personally I do a lot on my own – I like having my own business. But I prefer to learn with others, to partner with others, and have fun with my colleagues.

Whatever your goals are, let's bring together our wisdom, intuition and knowledge, amplifying the healing benefits of yoga.

Time Efficient Learning

I know you are busy out helping to save the world, getting dinner on the table, or working on your new client's SOAP notes.

Then you get a notice that you need more continuing education, more professional development  arrives and you wonder how will you ever get it done in time!

What if your CE's and PD's just happened naturally when you got together with your yoga therapist community?

What if you had the readers digest version of the latest research with easy links to the articles you want to explore in depth?

What if you could ask your client & marketing questions 24/7?

Look no further than the YPA's Mentoring and Marketing for Yoga Therapists.

We know what you need to know, plus we will deliver quickly and with a smile. We know you are busy.


A Program with a Track Record

Here's What You Get When you Join Mentoring and Marketing for Yoga Therapists

Ongoing Mentoring

Case studies  

Latest research

Best practices

Intake and plans

Yoga Therapist-Client relationship

Get your questions answered


Social Media

Networking and collaborations

Paid and organic traffic

Business planning

Marketing that feels authentic

Packaging and pricing

Community - The BEST Feature!

Peer to peer learning


Idea generation

Support and encouragement

Lifelong connections


Past Webinars




Nicole DeAvilla's Research Papers

10 Monthly Sessions/Year - Attend Live or Watch the Replay - Now 20 Sessions!

Focus on being a yoga therapist, learning, upgrading your skills, case studies, your questions about delivering yoga therapy

Focus on marketing yourself as a yoga therapist, marketing tools and strategies, mindset, running a business

More Awesomeness for You and Your Yoga Therapy Practice

Guest Speakers on Topics You Care About

Tech and Tech Tools Tips

Mindset Mentoring

Seasoned Yoga Therapists Get Speaking Opportunities

Research 101 Training & Mentoring

Earn Continuing Education Hours!

The course is already approved for 12 hours per year of Yoga Teacher content.

We are applying for IAYT continuing education approval of an additional 44 hours + for certified Yoga Therapists. 

Learn From the Best

Nicole DeAvilla, C-IAYT, E-RYT, RCYT, RPYT is an author of multiple best selling books, a PubMed level published researcher, paid blogger and guest on TV, print and podcasts.

Nicole helped to write the Yoga Alliance Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Standards and was on the first IAYT, Accreditation Committee charged with implementing the standards for training yoga therapists.


Purchase Now - $97/month

Top features

  • Live & Recorded Mentor Sessions
  • Marketing for Yoga Professionals 
  • Community of Spiritually Minded Yoga Professionals 
  • Library of Mentor Sessions, Interviews, Special News and more
  • Best Business Practices for Heart Based Missions
  • Guaranteed Price - as long as you stay in the program, your monthly price will stay the same! 


Purchase Now - $957/year

Most Popular

  • Live & Recorded Mentor Sessions
  • Marketing for Yoga Professionals 
  • Community of Spiritually Minded Yoga Professionals 
  • Library of Mentor Sessions, Interviews, Special News and more
  • Best Business Practices for Heart Based Missions
  • Guaranteed Price - as long as you stay in the program, your annual price will stay the same! 
  • Save money with the annual plan!

"I got a lot from the very first session rapidly able to reap the benefits of our work together. I now not only have a more solid foundation for my business, but I have the confidence to begin taking it in a new direction. She even helped me build a Facebook Page. But even more than the business benefits, Nicole has been a mentor for my own practice and deeper growth."

Banton Dyer, C-IAYT
Yoga Therapist, Trainer, Tai Chi Instructor, Author 


Nicole is an amazing Yoga Therapist who has created a supportive community that allows us to learn and grow by selecting relevant and helpful topics that promote both professional and business growth. I watched my business grow by implementing both business strategies and a personalized marketing plan that was right for me. One of the biggest benefits of being part of this group is learning from the different questions the yoga therapists ask and the suggestions and solutions that Nicole presents are helpful to all members of the group.

Get Access to an International Teacher and Mentor

You want someone who is experienced and knowledgeable, and who knows how to translate that experience and knowledge to you in simple and practical terms.

You want someone who understands and knows the history and philosophy of yoga and yoga therapy and who has studied at the feet of yoga masters, who has practiced for 40 years the ancient teachings, putting it all into practice in a modern world and lifestyle.

Beyond intimately knowing the world of Yoga Therapy and Yoga Research, Nicole has studied and worked with leaders in the innovative, cutting edges of educational best practices, been an earlier adopter and teacher of technology, social media and longevity practices.

Plus she is a genuinely friendly and infectiously happy person.

While she occasionally has openings in her private coaching and mentoring practice, the best way to work with her is in the Mentoring and Marketing for Yoga Therapists program.

Mentoring & Marketing for Yoga Therapists

I Believe in You!


The world needs you to help make life better for those you serve.

Live the Yoga Life You Love - in abundance, support and JOY!


Does Social Media Make You Want to Go Meditate in a Cave?

Even though Nicole took to social media like a duck to water, and was part of the original Twitterati back in a more innocent time, she understands that marketing of all types might not be in your wheel house.

She meets you where you are.

Her business planning sessions leave everyone feeling confident not confused.

She helps you find the right balance with social media and other types of marketing - some people forget there are other ways to attract the clients that need you, your compassion and your skills.

Nicole, always the pioneer, has developed a unique way to deliver marketing training that has you implementing as you learn.

Follow your or others Marketing Case Studies to get training and results that can't happen from mere theory.

"Nicole has an innovative and energetic approach to yoga therapy. She gives us a new slant on the healing art of yoga."


"Nicole is an excellent, attentive instructor. She is detail oriented and creative, able to give exactly what I was asking about! "


"I just want to reiterate how impressed I was with the online portion that you had developed. The time I spent on it was really valuable and I really think it helped me understand the material a lot better. Being able to practice with real case studies is also a great tool.

I just wanted you to know how great I thought that was. Fantastic job!"


Blissful Besties, Cool Colleagues, Focused Friends -  Unconditional Love & Acceptance

We thrive with positive relationships.

You thrive when you can be fully you, fully who you are and accepted as 100% you!

To be understood, to be supported and free to learn and grow is the gift of a supportive community:

The Yoga Therapists Community

This private community is yours when you join Mentoring and Marketing for Yoga Therapists


I Believe in You!

I know how awesome you are.

I know that you have gifts to share.

Whether your gift is to serve a few individuals

or reach thousands across the globe,

you are in the right place. 


Your Guide and Mentor

Nicole DeAvilla, C-IAYT, E-RYT, RCYT, RPYT, B.A.

Nicole is a strategic thinker helping spiritually minded yoga professionals get better results for their clients, business and themselves!

She guides you with intuitive insight and scientific knowledge creating unique solutions that you can easily follow.

Over the past forty years Nicole has practiced yoga, and taught homeless people, a state governor and billionaires.

She has a deep passion for helping more yoga professionals successfully reach their potential to help heal the world!

Nicole is grounded in her spiritual path as a Kriyaban disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. 

Her strength lies in her ability to absorb information & situations quickly, and then translate them into practical terms so that you can quickly get the results you want for your clients, your business and yourself personally. 

Come be nurtured.

Learn and Grow.

Be loved.

Join Our Mentoring & Marketing Community Now!

Get instant access to the M & M Library – all of the past topics, such as: 

  • What is Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy Advocacy
  • Eating Disorders
  • Mental Health Overview
  • Chakra Framework
  • Yogic Diet Interventions
  • Hip Replacement
  • Allergies
  • Heart Conditions 
  • Compliance and Dosage
  • Assessments
  • Creating Online Courses
  • Email Marketing



Purchase Now - $97/month



Purchase Now - $957/year


The One Million Happy Healthy Humans Project

Did you know that only 7% of Americans have optimal cardio-metabolic health?

Numbers of people with anxiety and depression continue to rise at alarming rates?

That chronic pain is now becoming one of the new growing concerns?

Millions and millions of people desperately  need help.

You can help them because you are a yoga therapist uniquely equipped to help people with lifestyle diseases, pain and suffering.

Can you help all of them? Of course not. You can help one person at a time.

Nicole DeAvilla and The Yoga Professional Academy believe that the role of yoga therapists in helping to reverse those numbers can be pivotal and are dedicated to helping as many yoga therapists, help as many people as possible. 

One way we do this is through Mentoring and Marketing for Yoga Therapists. This program prepares yoga therapists to meet the unprecedented challenges we have in health care today to confidently build their practices and help one person at a time, one therapeutic class at a time, one workshop, one retreat at a time.

All while keeping you, the yoga therapist, nurtured, supported and cared for abundantly.

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